Casino games have a way of rewarding a faithful gamer by giving him or her free bonus slots. This is a special session of any casino game that is activated when a winning combination is struck. Free online slots bonus help casino houses to keep their clientele happy.

Almost each game in a casino has its version of free bonus slots most of which are free spin sessions. The number of these free spin sessions a gamer can get largely depends on the number of winning combinations he hits while at play. Also during play the credits due to a gamer are updated depending on whether he or she is making losses or wins. The value of those credits is shown on the side.

While playing, the gamer gets to pick from a set of items that are presented to him on the machine’s screen. Each item is associated with a value and the choice of the gamer determines how much credits he gains or losses.

Credits won or lost during the game are conspicuously shown to the player so that he knows how he is fairing in the game. In the end, free bonus slots can be used by the gamer to regain lost money or win more.